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PLAZA, B (2010)

Google Analytics: Intelligence for Information Professionals.

ONLINE (Wilton, Connecticut), 34(5): 33-37.

ABSTRACT: The launch of free Web analytics tools by search engines can serve as a key online marketing tool for information managers. Analyzing the data revealed by Google Analytics ( or Yahoo! Web Analytics ( helps webmasters fine-tune their sites more reliably. The result: increased Web site visibility and greater user satisfaction. Nothing has transformed organizations in the past 10 years more than the Internet and, to an even larger extent, Google. The aim of this article is to develop further the methodology, which the author initiated, on the use of time series with Google Analytics' data and to supply some user-friendly metrics (that is, tips) for information Practitioners. It is interesting to see how key performance indicators can help professionals, who can then make Web sites more effective. Search engine optimization is the ongoing process of designing the site to increase the number of visits, improve the quality of the visitors, and raise the ranking of the site by search engines. This brief article addresses these questions by the analysis of Google Analytics data for ## Beatriz Plaza (2010) Google analytics: Intelligence for information professionals. Online (Wilton, Connecticut), 34(5): 33-37.

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